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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey girls!  I just wanted to do a quick little update post.  (:

First off: I added disqus to my blog for comments - I think I prefer this to the regular Blogger version, but please let me know what you guys think! 

Secondly, I got another BzzKit in the mail!! This time it's for Smooth'n Shine's Semi Permanent Hair Tamer.

 I can't really say that I'm expecting a lot from this kit, simply because my hair is already pretty "tame".  LOL.  But I said yes to the kit to test it out for you guys!
(I also have to admit that it kind of makes me nervous to apply something like this to my hair... it says it has "up to 5x less damage than relaxers", but that still scares me!  I prefer using products that are WAY more natural!!!)

Lastly, I found a fun little web app and I wanted to share.  
I love cute little things like this!  (:

It's a drag-and-drop doll maker, and I think they're so much fun.  This one is done really well, and it has hime-gyaru themed clothing and accessories.

(The artist who made the game, koruldia, also has a bunch of other flash games posted.  Fun!!) 

Here is the doll I made :

Click here to make your own, and then show me in the comments how yours turned out!
Disclaimer - I'm not affiliated with this artist/anything to do with this game at all - I just thought it was fun and really well put together, so I wanted to share! (;


  1. Just popped in, very nice blog! Hope you'll check mine out?

    Gem =) xxx

  2. cute game! I`m interested to see how the hair tamer turns out!

  3. Thanks so much Mimika!! I'm curious about the hair tamer too! Wish me luck! hehe.
    I entered your giveaway- thanks so much for hosting such an awesome one! (:

  4. Thanks Gem!! I started following your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by!! (:

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  6. Hey!
    Do check out the link below for your blog award!
    Much love :)xx

  7. Thanks so much Ashley!!! I followed you back! (:

  8. Thank you so much Shanee!!!! xoxo


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