June Favorites

Thursday, July 5, 2012

So this is a few days late, but it's better late than never! (; 
I figured I'd just do my favorites this month because I didn't really have anything I didn't like this month, and that would make a 'hits and misses' post kind of silly to do.  Hehe.

1- Clarisonic Mia : Ever since I purchased my Clarisonic, I have been in love with it.  It cleans  your face sooo much better than just a wash cloth/bar soap. I have the standard brush head on it right now, but I purchased the blue brush head for my next replacement and I can't wait to try that one out!
2- Mario Badescu Drying Cream : This is by far my favorite overnight acne treatment product!! (although it's not an overnight treatment, lol) Whenever I use this, any breakouts that I have are significantly reduced by the next morning!
3- Simple Eye Makeup Remover : I got this little tester size towards the end of the month, but I love it so much I had to include it in this post.

4- Julep Nail Polish in Daphne : This color is so pretty!! It's like a Tiffany blue, but with more green in it.  Love it.
5- Julep Nail Polish in Kate : I have been looking for a white nail polish that wasn't super sheer for so long.  This one is perfect - it's really opaque and you can get away with one coat of it, but I usually go with two.  (;
6- Julep Nail Polish in Jessica : Since I already had two Julep polishes, I figured I'd go aheaed and throw in another one of my favorites.  I love that this polish has my name, and I love that it's a robin's egg blue!  I have the Zoya polish called 'Jessica', but it's not a fun color like this one, lol.
Anyone else love Julep? Let me know your favs!

And last but not least, I had to include a non makeup/beauty item because I can't seem to do a monthly favorites post without having at least one of these included, lol. I've been absolutely loving my Village Candle in Lemon Pound Cake.  It smells just like lemon pound cake - yum!!  Even if it's too hot outside or I have a fan on and I can't light it, just leaving it sit open with the lid off is enough to catch a hint of the tangy lemon scent.

Sorry this post is so late!! I had originally hoped to have it up Independence Day (and I even had the basic gist of the post laid out in my drafts) but I just haven't had time to finish it up until now.  D:

Anyway, I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Independence Day, and I'll see you in the next post!! ♥


  1. Lovely favourites! I really want to try the Clarisonic, but it's so damn expensive!


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  3. Ooh, I thought the Julep nail polishes were lip gloss! Haha, really cute packaging, and the glass candle looks so good =) Nice favourite things sweetie
    - Che


  4. ok june ...

    visit and fill the Guestbook

  5. Cute blog! Glad to meet you! 

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    -♡ Valerie Angel

  7. I love Carisonic! great post...

  8. Lovely post!

    xoxo lorenahttp://www.lolitainthemix.blogspot.com

  9. I have a new section "Street Style" on my blog :)


  10. I nominated you for
    the Liebster awards.Here is a link to my questions:http://universallycute.blogspot.com/2012/11/leibster-award.html#more


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