2013 Favorites

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What better way to start back to blogging than at the beginning of the new year with a yearly favorites post?

~Favorite Products/Brands~

Image from therepublicoftea.com

The Republic of Tea - I love so many different things from this website that it would be impossible to list them all.  (I should probably do a review on the teas I have from here!)  If you try anything at all  from TRoT, I'd recommend getting one of their Custom Overwrap Tea Gift sets... you can pick either 12 or 24 individual flavors to test out first so you don't end up with a container of a flavor you dislike.  (: 

Image from cetaphil.comCetaphil - Another brand I've loved in general... at the start of winter, I was having absolutely awful dry skin, especially on my face.  I tried out so many different lotions and creams (and spent oodles of money) trying to find something that wouldn't break me out, but would still be a strong enough moisturizer to stop my skin from feeling so dry.  I had heard about Cetaphil and always shrugged it off because of it being such a common drugstore brand. I am so very glad I tried it!!!  I love their Gentle Daily Skin Cleanser and their Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisturzer and I'd absolutely recommend them both.

Image from store.taylorswift.com/Taylor - I love Taylor Swift and her music, but I completely adore her perfume "Taylor".  It smells so different from any other perfume I've owned before and it lasts all day long. I always get compliments when I wear this and I love how it smells on my skin.  I love layering the perfume and the lotion together (although I'm not sure if the lotion is sold separately... I received mine in the gift set pictured to the right.) I'm terrible at describing scents, but her website lists it as "luscious fruits, blushing florals, and soft woods. If you happen to see this in a store, give it a sniff.  I promise you'll love it.  (:

BareMinerals/BareEscentuals - Yep, you guessed it; another brand that I've loved in 2013.  From their makeup to their skincare, I love it all!  They're a little (well, maybe a lot) on the pricey side, but I find that you definitely get what you pay for.  And as far as things like their loose foundations and eye shadows, they last practically forever.  

Image from Amazon.comOPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener (for Sensitive and Peeling Nails) - I'll admit this isn't the cheapest nail treatment, however, this stuff has saved my life. Or at least my fingernails' lives.  Haha.
I'd fallen in love with the original Nail Envy, as I have really thin nails that can't grow at all on their own.  Thanks to OPI, my nails could grow out a little and not break off.  Hooray!
Once I found the "Sensitive and Peeling" version, I don't think I've went a day without having at least one coat of it on my nails.  I always hear people talk about their "holy grail" beauty products... well, this is most definitely my "holy grail nail care product".  I honestly think I'd cry if I couldn't get this stuff anymore. 

Image from amazon.comOrganix Light Penetrating Oil - Although the name is a little misleading (I honestly don't think that there is a single ingredient in this that is "organic"....) I still love it.  I have thin, fine hair, that I have been trying to grow the color out of.  I ombred my hair to allow the natural color to grow out (so I don't look silly having a solid line between colors across my head!) and I honestly didn't even realize how dry my hair was until trying this out as a sample from Ulta.  
I prefer the 'light' version, but honestly, the normal version wasn't too heavy for my hair.  As with all oils, definitely start out with a teeny, tiny amount, and add from there, or risk looking as if you haven't washed your hair for weeks.  haha.

                                     ~Favorite TV Shows~

The Vampire Diaries - Not a beauty favorite, but still a favorite nonetheless.  I haven't been caught up with any shows currently airing since I was in middle school.  (Which would sadly be about 13 years ago!) I am completely caught up with The Vampire Diaries and am eagerly awaiting it's return on January 23rd.  ♥ Delena.  

Once Upon a Time / Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - I'm also a pretty big fan of the UOaT series.  I love how they've taken all the usual fairy tales and created new worlds and stories with them.  I'm caught up with these shows as well.  Go me!  (;

                                      ~Favorite People~

Kim Dao - I love reading about her travels and seeing her fashion posts.  If you enjoy Japanese travel vlogs, gyaru fashions, and things like that, check out her blog.  (:

Lillian Masie - I always get so excited when I see a Lillian's posted a new video on YouTube.  I love her sense of style, her makeup tutorials, and her blogs.  

Zoella - I adore Zoe.  I've been watching her videos on YouTube for a while now, and I just love her to pieces.  It's quite motivational to watch her overcome her anxiety and do things that I could only hope to do one day!

I'm sure there's many, many more things I could add to this list, but I feel like the list is long enough already.  I wouldn't want to bore you too much on my first post back. (;

Were any of the things I listed also in your favorites of 2013?  Let me know!
And if there's something you really enjoyed that I've not listed that you think I'd enjoy, also let me know!  

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2014!!!!

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