Baby polishes!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I really wish that the Blogger app had more editing options!! It really stinks that I can do the basic gist of a post from my iPhone, but then I have to get on my laptop to edit the post and make it look nicer. D:

Excuses aside, I have a mini nail polish haul from Ulta. (: All the polishes are from the brand Essence, from their colour & go line.

The blue a deep teal (55 - Let's Get Lost)
The red has a slight orange tinge to it (46 - Wake Up!)
The purple is a periwinkle with pink shimmers in it (86 - A Lovely Secret)
The green is a light yellow-green (39 - Lime Up!)

I love this line of polishes! They're only .99 ¢ at Ulta and they come in a ton of gorgeous colors. The shades I picked up are fairly opaque and only need two coats at most. They're smaller than a 'typical' bottle of polish but I rarely ever use up a whole bottle so it's fine with me! (;

Numbers 55, 46, 86, 39.

 Have you tried Essence polishes before? What did you think of them?


  1. absolutly love the nail colors. gotta get em!
    xoxo payton (check out my blog!)

  2. Aren't they great colors?

    I'll definitely check out your blog! (:

  3. Wow! These definitely caught my eye. Thank you for the encouraging comments on my blog. How can I follow you back? I wanna read more from you. I think your blog is awesome! (:

  4. Thanks Johanna! And you're definitely welcome!! (:

    I just realized that I didn't have the 'follow me' button anywhere on my site- how embarrassing! Haha. It should be on the right side now, below my info.

    Thanks so much!!

  5. I have never heard of essence polishes. Can't beat the price and they look quite opaque! I will definitely pick 1 up if I come across it!

    A Preponderance of Fashion

  6. I had never heard of essence before, either. We just recently had an Ulta open up near me (yay!!!) and they carry the brand. I can only vouch for the nail polishes so far, but I'd like to try some of their other products too.

    Ps- I'm following your blog now! (:


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