Best Company Ever!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mario Badescu is my favorite company ever.  

I adore a lot of their products, and they have EXCELLENT customer service.  They have been so polite any time I've had to contact them, and they are extremely generous!  

If you fill out a little bit of information about yourself on their website, they will send you a completely free sample skincare regimen - customized to your specific skin type.  This is what initially got me hooked on their products... they give really good sized samples so you can test out the product for a few times to see if you actually like it or not. Click here to fill out the form and get some samples!!  (It's a really short form and only takes a minute or two.  I believe you get a confirmation email a day or so afterwards.)

My favorite products from MB (so far!) are the Drying Cream, the Aloe Moisturizer, and the Ceramide Eye Gel.  If you sign up to get free samples or have already tried MB, let me know what products you like because I'm always looking to test new products out! (:



  1. I love Mario Badescu products. They're my favorite skin care company.

  2. I need to try them, thanks for the tip. A new follower :)

  3. They're amazing! I hope you enjoy the samples as much as I did, lol.

    And thanks for following - I followed you back!! (:


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